Main Features :

  • Compact so you can take it anywhere in a bag.
  • Shape your body quickly, easily and effortlessly.
  • Extends chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one motion.
  • Offers up to 6 training levels, 44 different exercises.

Features :

  • Quick workout in 5 minutes.
  • Revolutionary wheel exercise.
  • Intense, light and effortless abdominal training.
  • Get a more effective workout with better results in less time.
  • Replaces expensive and bulky devices.
  • Different muscles are trained at once with this unique sports equipment.

Works on:

  • Abdominal muscles (top, middle, bottom and side).
  • Back muscles.
  • Arm muscles.
  • shoulder muscles
  • Thigh muscles.
  • buttocks.

Working :

  • As you go, the tension in the power assist bands builds up, giving you more resistance and a stronger workout.
  • As you slide back, built-up tension is slowly released, forcing the bars to contract, making it easier to return to your original position.
  • Facilitates exercise, whatever the form.
  • Makes your workouts more fun and helps motivate you to keep exercising and reach your goals.
  • Targets the upper, middle and lower abs and core muscles simultaneously, giving them positive and negative resistance that never allows them to rest.
  • It even lets you move sideways – to help shed those love handles (deposits of excess fat on the side of your waist).
  • Tighten your glutes, firm your inner and outer thighs, and work your chest, shoulders, arms, and back, all in the same motion.
  • Fully trains your body and upper body muscles, helping you achieve that sculpted look.
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